Buckles Solicitors LLP and Care About You

Youth theatre and creation group Care About You were given just the help they needed by Buckles Solicitors when they wanted advice on becoming a Community Interest Company.

The beneficiary

Care About You is an organisation that engages and empowers young people through a unique process of co-creation.  It's an innovative project that starts with a story, then turns what happens next over to the group. Care About You uses forum theatre to explore the lives, decisions and dilemmas of two characters – Max & Antonia. Then each group is supported in creating a response to the drama, which could be a film, poetry, creative writing, a facilitated discussion or a debate.

Care About You are working towards the group’s response to the story, which will then feed into the story writing process – so all those who participate will influence the direction the story takes. The long term aim is is to bring all the different versions of the stories of Max & Antonia – created with groups across Europe – together.

The project

Care about You approached ProHelp as they wanted to form a Community Interest Company (CIC), but didn’t know how to do this.  They were helped by Buckles Solicitors LLP, who gave them advice on a range of formal and informal structures - Unincorporated Association, Charitable Trust, Company limited by guarantee, CIC and Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Buckle's advice outlined the positives and negatives of each of the structures and provided Care About You with the information needed to make an informed decision about how to proceed.  Buckles looked at considerations such as the key objectives of Care About You; what it was hoped the legal structure would achieve; whether Care About You was interested in obtaining charitable status; the source of long term funding; whether or not Care About You would be trading as a business; whether being a CIC would enable more funds to be raised; and whether the organisation would hold any assets.

After receiving and considering the advice, Care About You decided on the appropriate corporate structure.  Buckles were then able to advise and assist on reviewing the documentation necessary for incorporation and providedi advice on the next steps in registering the organisation as a CIC.  Care About You was successfully registered as a CIC in February 2013.

The project was completed in six weeks, and provided Care About You with professional work which would have cost £1,524 (exclusive of VAT), something the charity would have struggled to afford were it not for the ProHelp scheme.