Buckles Solicitors LLP and 49 Lincoln Road

Learning disability charity 49 Lincoln Road has set up an IT suite with computers donated by Peterborough ProHelp member Buckles Solicitors LLP.

We often have to upgrade our computers and other technical equipment to make sure we have the best systems in place to maintain the highest possible levels of service. But that doesn’t always mean that the old equipment is of no use to somebody else. We are always delighted to help good causes that may not have the funds to buy new equipment, but can make good use of our old stock.

- Colleen Gostick,
Managing Partner, Buckles Solicitors
The company

Buckles Solicitors LLP provides a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses and individuals in the UK and internationally from offices in Peterborough, Nottingham and Stamford.

The project

In 2012, Ian Worley, day centre officer for 49 Lincoln Road, wanted to set up a computer suite to benefit adults with learning disabilities but didn’t have the funds to purchase computers for it. He approached Peterborough ProHelp to see if any assistance could be given and an appeal message was sent out to all the ProHelp Members. Fortunately Buckles were in the process of upgrading their computers and were in a position to offer eight computers and monitors to 49 Lincoln Road.

Buckles got in touch with Ian directly and said that they replace around 25 per cent of their computers on an annual basis and would be more than happy to donate some of the redundant computers and monitors to the centre.  Not only would this save them the cost of disposal, but the knowledge that they were going to good use made a huge difference.

The computers were set up, and after a few months of use on a temporary internet access the Learning Disability Partnership Board obtained a grant to install council guest WiFi throughout the building.

“Over the next few years this was a great success but then the computers started to develop faults. In January 2015, I approached Buckles again and they said that in April they would have some more computers they could donate.” said Ian.

In the meantime the drop-in centre set up a Job Club called Pathways which helps service users apply for jobs. This is held twice a week in the computer room, which had to be closed to other service users during these sessions, as there weren't enough computers for Pathways and general use.

Ian continues: “Buckles contacted me in April to say that the computers were now available for collection. I’m pleased to say, they provided us with enough computers to refit the whole computer suite and fit out a newly decorated Pathways room in which we have four computers and a smart board funded by a government grant.

“Thanks to Buckles we can now offer job search support five days a week as well as give access to computers through the drop-in centre.”