Buckles Solicitors LLP & Caresco Limited

Advice from Buckles Solicitors to Caresco, a charity providing a wide range of services, has helped it make better use of its volunteers and negotiate a new lease for its charity shop.

Nigel’s support with negotiating the lease for our charity shop has been instrumental in providing volunteering opportunities, local employment and resulting in funding of £35K p.a. which helps us to introduce new additional projects. A great return for us on the investment made by Buckles in our organisation.

- Linda Dupree,
The company

Buckles Solicitors LLP provides a comprehensive range of legal services to businesses and individuals in the UK and internationally from our offices in Peterborough, Nottingham and Stamford. 

The project

Caresco needed advice on their options in relation to harnessing the skills and commitments of those volunteers who wanted to participate in the administration and running of Caresco Limited, within the confines of their current structure as a company limited by guarantee.  So they approached ProHelp for assistance.

One of Buckles’ senior partners, Nigel Moore, was able to give the charity practical and down to earth advice.  That included guidance on the rights and responsibilities of directors and members as well as how to better involve Caresco’s valuable volunteers in both administering and running the organisation.

Later, Caresco approached ProHelp again to request help with negotiating the lease for a proposed charity shop. Once again, Nigel stepped up to the mark and took on the project, helping them through the process.

As a result of this support given, Caresco have been able to provide volunteering opportunities and offer local employment. The charity shop now generates significant funds, supporiting the charity's activities – a real asset to the community.

All in all Buckles gave over 40 hours of their time to the charity - the equivalent of over £10,000 worth of professional time.  It's a figure the charity would have struggled to afford.

 Nigel Moore, Senior Partner, Buckles Solicitors LLP said:

“We are always delighted to help clients and particularly those charitable clients that offer support to those in their local communities and further afield.”