Positive Media Consultancy and Disability Peterborough

Disability Peterborough saved over £2,000 when Positive Media Consultancy helped them produce a new leaflet to replace the very outdated publicity it was using.

Having a professional organisation design our new client leaflets means that we are able to reflect our charities services in a clear, concise and up to date format. Not having to spend our funds on the advertising media means that we can spend our limited resources on direct client case work, we are very grateful for this service.

- Sandie Burns,
Chief Executive, Disability Peterborough
The company

Positive Media Consultancy offers professional public relations and event management consultancy support to charitable organisations and businesses that engage in corporate social responsibility.

The project

Disability Peterborough needed help updating a very out-of-date leaflet, which didn't reflect the organisation's full range of services.  They approached Peterborough ProHelp for some help to bring it up to date and review the content.

The project was assigned to Positive Media Consultancy, which arranged an initial meeting with the Disability Peterborough Chief Executive, Sandie Burns to review the leaflet and agree on the content. Positive Media then went away to work on an appropriate design that would include real images and bring the leaflet to life.

At that time, a decision was also made to commission a new logo and change the name from DIAL Peterborough to Disability Peterborough.

Positive Media presented a first draft of the new leaflet to the charity and then incorporated further changes after a second review. Appropriate new images were purchased, and, once a few final tweaks were made, the leaflet was ready for printing.

In all Positive Media spent a total of 18 hours on the project, saving the charity over £2,000. This means more money for Disability Peterborough to channel into delivering its services to disabled people.

Helen Haynes, Managing Director, Positive Media Consultancy, said:

“Being able to help such a worthwhile charity as Disability Peterborough with their leaflet and the knowledge that they don’t have to spend valuable funds on commissioning this work makes it all the more rewarding when a project like this comes to fruition.”