Postive Media Consultancy and Inspire Peterborough

Positive Media Consultancy worked with disability sport and activity organisation Inspire Peterborough to help it run a major event effectively, and put together a marketing and communications plan for the future.

It is always rewarding when you are able to utilise your skills and experience to help an organisation achieve the desired outcome. Being able to help Inspire Peterborough to put together a marketing and communications plan template which they can use in the future will help them in the longer term.

- Helen Haynes,
Director, Positive Media Consultancy
The company

Positive Media Consultancy offers professional public relations and event management consultancy support to charitable organisations and businesses that engage in corporate social responsibility.

The project

Inspire Peterborough secured over £277,000 of new investment into the City to increase disability sporting capacity and participation from Sports England. As part of the funding, it wanted to put on a Celebration Event at Ferry Meadows where it could acknowledge the funding and give disability sports providers a platform to share what is available with potential participants, their families and carers.

Inspire Peterborough had put together an event and communications plan for this, but wanted some input from a professional company to ensure all areas had been covered, and nothing had been overlooked. 

Helen Haynes from Positive Media met with Inspire Peterborough's Development Manager, Nikki Griffiths, to review the plan. Although it was already fairly comprehensive, Helen was able identify gaps and make suggestions for additions.

She also looked at the timeframe for when actions needed to be carried out, as some parts o fhte plan left little time for the team to co-ordinate and follow up before the actual event date. For example, Helen advised that the Inspire Peterborough team should try to bring forward production of the programme and map layout for the day so that it could go to print leaving enough time for delivery. This also meant that the team could focus on last minute details and be available to answer queries from providers and those attending the event.

Inspire Peterborough also wanted help with their overall marketing and communication plan. Positive Media met with Nikki Griffiths on two occasions to work through this, and create a suitable template that would not only serve its purpose for the duration of the funding from Sports England but would also enable them to put together any future marketing and communications plans.

One focus was on helping the organisation indentify their target audiences and the channels of communications that would reach them.  Together, they looked at other events both locally and nationally on which Inspire Peterborough could piggy back and use as a platform to highlight the work that they were doing, to raise the profile of the organisation.

In total Positive Media met with Inspire Peterborough on three occasions and then provided support via email and telephone on an ad hoc basis. The project involved a total of eight hours equating to £1,200 worth of professional services that the charity would not otherwise have been able to access.