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Building Back Circular: Low Carbon Workplaces

Jan 13
Date and time
Wed, 13 January  @  14:00  -  15:00
Free of charge
Open to BITC members and non-members
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Open to BITC members and non-members
Free of charge

Wed, 13 January 2021  @  14:00  –  15:00

This Building Back Circular: Low Carbon Workplaces webinar will launch a new guide to help businesses reduce waste and carbon impacts of office reconfigurations, downsizing and relocations driven by COVID-19.

About the guide
Developed by Business in the Community’s (BITC) Circular Economy Taskforce, the guide introduced during this webinar will offer practical support enabling companies to identify specific opportunities to reduce waste and save costs. It will also cover how to generate value through the resale of old assets, and design out embodied carbon from the fit outs of new premises. Beyond the webinar, BITC will support companies to use the guide, showcasing live examples of best practice and aggregating overall impact to support companies’ carbon reporting.

This event is free of charge to BITC members, with a limited number of free places for non-members. It is suitable for environment managers/practitioners and supply chain/procurement managers/practitioners.

73% of business leaders expect to reconfigure or downsize their office premises in the coming years¹. BITC has identified significant risk of assets, such as furniture and other equipment, being wasted as businesses move. However, there is a real opportunity to save costs and carbon by adopting circular specifications for new premises.

BITC’s Circular Economy Campaign
Our Circular Economy campaign seeks to tackle the climate emergency by making the Circular Economy a mainstream business priority. By moving away from a take-make-dispose model of consumption, towards one that focuses on retaining value from materials for as long as possible and eliminating waste, responsible businesses can save costs, reduce carbon and become more resilient. The work is led by our Circular Economy Taskforce.

Contact details and further information
For more information about this Building Back Circular: Low Carbon Workplaces webinar, contact Florence Hughes, Events Manager at BITC. Full joining instructions will be sent before the event.

Following government advice on social distancing, all BITC events over the coming months will be delivered remotely via digital technology. Details on how to join will be sent prior to the event.

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  1. Ryan Bembridge (2020), 73% of UK business leaders predict office downsizing, Property Wire, 3 September 2020, available at https://www.propertywire.com/