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Race at Work Charter 2020 Insights: Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Feb 16
Date and time
Tue, 16 February  @  10:30  -  11:30
No charge for BITC members or non-members
Open to BITC members and non-members, Diversity and inclusion practitioners/managers
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Open to BITC members and non-members and Diversity and inclusion practitioners/managers
No charge for BITC members or non-members

Tue, 16 February 2021  @  10:30  –  11:30

This webinar will explain the value of monitoring employee diversity, show the best ways to encourage disclosure and demonstrate how the information can be used to improve racial equality in the workplace.

Why capture ethnicity data
Capturing ethnicity data and publicising progress is the second call to action in Business in the Community’s (BITC) Race at Work Charter. Capturing data is important for establishing a baseline and measuring progress. It is a crucial step towards an organisation reporting on ethnicity pay differentials. Ethnicity pay gap reporting helps hold employers accountable for any disparities between different ethnic groups, draws attention to specific areas of concern, and drives a case for action to be taken to mitigate these imbalances.

Mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting is the first call to action in Business in the Community’s (BITC’s) Race at Work: The Black Voices report. The report uses previously unpublished data from YouGov and BITC’s 2018 Race At Work survey to shine a light on the specific challenges faced by Black colleagues in the workplace.

For more information on capturing ethnicity data, download BITC’s toolkit Monitoring ethnicity: A comprehensive guide for employers.

This event is open to both Business in the Community (BITC) members and non-members. It is designed to support signatories of the Race at Work Charter.

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Race at Business in the Community
After 25 years of campaigning for Race Equality in the UK, BITC believes every employer must prioritise action on race.

Read more about BITC’s race agenda.

Contact details and further information
For more information, contact Florence Hughes, Events Manager at BITC.

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Following government advice on social distancing, all BITC events over the coming months will be delivered remotely via digital technology.

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