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Digital roundtable: Can Purpose Guide Business Through COVID-19?

Jul 08
Date and time
Wed, 08 July  @  14:30  -  15:30
Webinar United Kingdom
Open to BITC members and non-members
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Open to BITC members and non-members

This event is part of Business in the Community’s ( BITC’s) response to the global call to build back better.

BITC’s Chief Executive, Amanda Mackenzie, is joined by a panel who will discuss the use and value of purpose in current times, sharing their examples of purpose in action, while exploring if and how purpose can guide business in building back better through and beyond COVID-19.

BITC believes purpose will be a guiding light to businesses in their immediate responses but particularly in long-term strategic planning for the future. During this session we will consider what role stakeholders play in encouraging and supporting businesses to take this approach, particularly investors.

Join this interactive session, not only to hear more about the experiences from some of our leading responsible businesses but also to share your own insights.

Find out how your organisation can get involved in our campaign to radically change the expectations and impact of responsible business. Get involved at: Responsible Business Building Back Better


Amanda Mackenzie, Chief Executive, Business in the Community

Guest speakers

  • Keith Chanter, Chief Executive, EMCOR UK
  • Saker Nusseibeh CBE, Chief Executive Officer, Federated Hermes
  • Phil Thomson, President, Global Affairs, GSK
  • Wendy Warham, VP Digital Transformation and Innovation, Fujitsu

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on towns and cities across the UK intensifies, the need to link business support to community need has never been more urgent.

To meet this demand the National Business Response Network matches community needs with the right business support.

Find out more about Business in the Community’s (BITC) work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact details and further information
This event is free for members and non-members of BITC.

For more information, contact Hannah Rowley at BITC.

Full joining instructions will be sent before the event.

Following government advice on social distancing, all BITC events over the coming months will be delivered remotely via digital technology. Details on how to join will be sent prior to the event.

Wed, 08 July 2020  @  14:30  –  15:30