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Webinar: Creating a Circular Workplace

Feb 10
Date and time
Mon, 10 February  @  12:00  -  13:00
Free for BITC members and non-members
Webinar United Kingdom
Environment practitioners, Human resources practitioners, Senior managers
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Environment practitioners, Human resources practitioners and Senior managers
Free for BITC members and non-members

Mon, 10 February 2020  @  12:00  –  13:00

This webinar will help identify opportunities to help organisations take a circular approach to the environment.

The environmental challenge to the world has never been greater and people are increasingly demanding that their employers play their part in tackling the problems.

The circular economy offers an alternative way of using resources to a traditional, linear economy. Resources are designed for longer lifetimes, repair, re-use and reprocessing. It is evident that we need to redesign how resources are used to achieve a zero-carbon economy.

The workplace is home to a vast range of materials, from the fabric of the building to the fittings and furnishings, which need not become waste.

Who should attend this event?

  • Membership/practitioner level
  • Procurement/human resources
  • Management and operations

About Business in the Community’s environment agenda
Business in the Community’s environment and sustainability agenda encourages innovative and transformational change at the very core of business. Our programmes focus on building a one-planet economy that delivers lasting prosperity through the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known as the Global Goals. BITC’s environment work has three priorities: maximising resource productivity in a circular economy; achieving net zero carbon and building resilience to climate risks; water and healthy eco-systems.

BITC is working with business to reduce risk and improve the health of water, soil and biodiversity within their supply chain.

Further information and contact details
This event is free to both members and non-members of BITC.

To register for the event, use the link above.

For more details, contact Elena Perez, Events Manager at BITC.

Business in the Community is innovating to sustain and repair our planet.