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Culture, Covid and Inclusion: Launch of Everyday Inclusion Campaign

Nov 05
Date and time
Thu, 05 November  @  10:00  -  11:30
Included in BITC membership
Webinar United Kingdom
Open to BITC members and non-members
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Open to BITC members and non-members
Included in BITC membership

Thu, 05 November 2020  @  10:00  –  11:30

COVID-19 has touched every aspect of our working lives and there are growing concerns it could erode inclusion with dislocated, remote working teams falling back into ‘exclusive’ behaviours. Also firms de-prioritising diversity initiatives, and cost cutting measures pushing out some of the most diverse talent – women and BAME workers especially. 1  

About the webinar

This webinar will see BITC and speakers explore:  

  • how to champion inclusion during COVID-19 
  • the role of everyday experiences in shaping employee’s sense of belonging at work  
  • new research showing what works when it comes to employer’s trying to foster inclusive culture  

The event marks the launch of our ‘Everyday Inclusion campaign’, our flagship effort to support business to create working cultures where everyone feels included – they feel like they belong, have a voice, are valued and can be their true selves, everyday. 


Prior to the pandemic, BITC research found that almost half of UK employees regularly experience low level non-inclusive behaviours, often unintended microaggressions, while working. This has a knock-on impact on wellbeing and wider performance. While the impact of COVID19 on inclusion is still being understood, early signs are that the shift to remote working for some (though not all), the pressure many employees face, and the need to cut costs could be making the situation worse.  

Tackling this means recognising the problem – ‘lifting the lid’ on experiences that don’t show up on staff surveys – and ensuring efforts to foster inclusion are evidence based. BITC has commissioned cutting edge research to show what really works when it comes to employers attempts to shape culture, including how to create an environment where non inclusive behaviours are challenged.  

This introduction to Everyday Inclusion webinar is open to both BITC members and non-members.

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For more information, contact Florence Hughes, Events Manager at BITC.

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Following government advice on social distancing, all BITC events over the coming months will be delivered remotely via digital technology. Details on how to join will be sent prior to the event.

1 https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/diversity-and-inclusion/diversity-still-matters 

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