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Workshop: Improving Financial Wellbeing Through Employee Benefits – London

Mar 04
Date and time
Wed, 04 March  @  10:00  -  12:30
Free to BITC members
London United Kingdom
Human resources practitioners, BITC members
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Human resources practitioners and BITC members
Free to BITC members

Wed, 04 March 2020  @  10:00  –  12:30

This workshop will build on the actions set out in Business in the Community’s (BITC) Ensuring Everyone Benefits: Improving financial wellbeing through employee benefits that work for everyone toolkit, produced in partnership with Salary Finance.

More than a third of workers in the UK are experiencing financial worries on an ongoing basis and one in eight employees are living in poverty1. This is having a huge impact on businesses, both in terms of productivity and their bottom line. Good work – that offers security, rights and a fair income, opportunity for progression and a supportive and inclusive environment – is key for employers wanting to address these challenges. Employee benefits can be an effective tool to improve the working lives of all employees.

During this Improving Financial Wellbeing Through Employee Benefits workshop, attendees will:

  • learn more about financial wellbeing and how employee benefits can help
  • work with peers to identify the benefits that can have the most impact on people with financial concerns
  • create a plan to bring change within their business.


This event is designed to benefit people working in HR. It is only open to BITC members.


Light refreshments will be provided

Further information

The venue for this event is to be confirmed.

To book or for further information, contact events@bitc.org.uk.

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1. Patricia Findlay, Colin Lindsay, Amy Watson and Doug Young; (October 2018); Influencing employers so more people break free from poverty through work; Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF); available at https://www.jrf.org.uk