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Workshop: Sourcing to meet the Global Goals – tackling the dilemmas of responsible procurement and supply – London

Feb 25
Date and time
Tue, 25 February  @  10:00  -  12:30
Free to invited guests
London EC2R United Kingdom
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Free to invited guests

Tue, 25 February 2020  @  10:00  –  12:30

Business in the Community (BITC) is convening senior procurement professionals to discuss their role in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known as the Global Goals, while meeting performance targets.

At this event, supported by Nationwide, delegates will join intimate conversations on three pressing issues:

  • Supply chain decarbonisation – how to collaborate with key suppliers to cut down scope 3 emissions and achieve radical carbon reductions.
  • Modern slavery in supply chains – how to identify high-risk suppliers and support them in creating good working conditions for all workers.
  • Supply chain diversity and resilience – how to build diversified and resilient supply chains, ensuring small- and medium- sized (SME) suppliers are ready for adverse events.

Corporate supply chains are vulnerable to hidden and uncontrollable risks – such as human rights abuses, natural resource depletion, or extreme weather events. These social and environmental issues can severely harm reputation and financial performance. But supply chains also offer unrivalled opportunities to drive positive change at scale. In CDP’s Global Supply Chain Report 2019, companies reported having supply chain greenhouse gas emissions that are five and a half times greater than their own direct impacts.


Lunch will be provided.


This event is by invitation only and is aimed at senior procurement professionals. If you think you should have received an invitation and have not, or require further details contact Elena Perez, Events Manager.

Further information

Delegates will join two sessions in total, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact Elena Perez, Events Manager.

Full joining instructions will be sent shortly before the event.

Business in the Community is inspiring, engaging and challenging businesses
to be purpose-driven, take practical action and
mobilise their collective strength to help deliver the Global Goals.