Better Information: Why You Should Publish Your Parental And Carers' Leave And Pay Policies On Your Website

Business in the Community (BITC) is calling on organisations to declare whether they have published parental and carers’ leave and pay policies or whether they plan to publish them. This factsheet explains how and why do do it.

Publishing parental and carers’ leave and pay policies is an easy, light-touch change that all employers can make, and which brings great benefits to employers, employee and job applicants.

It helps attract, retain and recruit talent and signals that the business is family-friendly and has the policies in place to support employees to take on their fair share of caring responsibilities. Being open about these issues also shows that a business has a culture where employees can speak openly about their family commitments without fear of how it might affect their careers.

Every employer should have a statement detailing information about their parental and carers’ leave and pay policies on their website.

It should be easy to understand and provide enough detail for people to make an informed decision about the company’s offer. BITC is asking organisations to publish this information as soon as possible.

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