COVID-19 and gender equality at work

This COVID-19 and gender equality at work fact sheet considers the status of women at work during the pandemic and the potential impact of the crisis. It makes recommendations to employers and policy-makers to mitigate any negatives and harness opportunities as they relate to gender equality.

The health crisis, and the measures adopted by government and employers in response, are having a profound effect on the labour market and the way we work more generally. Some of those changes –for example, the widespread shift to home working – could have long-lasting and significant impact.

Existing inequalities in the workplace mean these changes could have a disproportionately negative impact on women, setting back progress on gender equality at work and in wider society.

About the factsheet

The COVID-19 and gender equality at work fact sheet provides:

  • An outline of the negative trends caused by COVID-19 on gender equality.
  • Tips and guidance to employers and policy makers.

About BITC’s work on Gender

Achieving a truly gender-balanced workforce means employers must recruit and progress the best talent – irrespective of gender.

The commercial imperative for realising women’s potential in the workplace is clear: gender equality enhances employee engagement, boosts productivity, meets the diverse needs of customers and suppliers, and improves brand reputation.

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About BITC’s work on COVID-19

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on towns and cities across the UK intensifies, the need to link business support to community need has never been more urgent.

To meet this need we have launched the National Business Response Network to identify community needs across the UK and match them to the right business support. Through Business in the Community’s vast regional and local connections and leaders, we are able to identify national and community needs.

The network then connects businesses who have the resources to help.

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