COVID-19 and rapid responsible recruitment

As businesses respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19, this factsheet contains practical steps on how to be a responsible and inclusive recruiter.

As businesses respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19, this factsheet, COVID-19, and rapid responsible recruitment contains practical steps on how to be responsible and inclusive recruiters at a time of crisis.  

How different employers respond is very much in the spotlight and this presents an opportunity for responsible employers to attract and retain the people they need in the short and long term.

Certain sectors need rapid recruitment

While many businesses are experiencing an extreme drop in demand because of the measures in place in response to COVID-19, others such as supermarkets (in particular deliveries), online retailers, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and logistics are finding they need to rapidly recruit to meet the demands of customers and communities.

Rapid recruitment and inclusion

This factsheet, COVID-19, and rapid responsible recruitment outlines the principles of inclusive employment as applicable to recruitment at this time and some tips to make sure the experience is safe and fair for everyone involved.

Download the factsheet to find out more about:

  • the changing labour market and conditions
  • inclusive employment
  • removing barriers in the recruitment process
  • addressing stigma and creating an inclusive culture
  • modern slavery, supply chains, and the gig economy.

The factsheet also contains case studies from Business in the Community (BITC) members. These include Morrisons, the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, headquartered in Bradford, and Boots UK, a global health and beauty retailer, and pharmacy chain. Boots is also the BITC 2019 responsible business of the year 2019.

In addition to the COVID-19 and rapid responsible business guidance, the factsheet includes links to useful resources including The Association of Labour Providers part of a collaboration to support displaced workers to transfer to where work is available.

BITC’s focus on employment

The BITC employment campaign supports employers to offer work for people from disadvantaged groups.
Offering good quality experience of work, adopting new approaches to recruitment, and breaking down barriers to entering work for people from disadvantaged groups can benefit business by tackling skills shortages, building new talent pipelines, boosting retention rates, and achieving higher productivity.

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