COVID-19: volunteering during the pandemic

This COVID-19: volunteering during the pandemic factsheet provides steps to consider, case studies of the lived experience of other organisations and links to resources, for both organisations and employees.

Employee volunteering is a crucial part of any responsible business strategy. The benefits include increased employee engagement, better employee wellbeing, retention and recruitment of talent, and learning and development opportunities.

Furthermore, strategic volunteering, aligned to the core business and utilising employee’s skills, creates lasting impact in the community.

COVID-19 has resulted in postponing or cancelling face-to-face volunteering. However, this is an opportunity for businesses to rethink how they deliver ongoing support: for example, working with charity partners to offer new, skills-based capacity building roles, or moving established programmes online.

About BITC’s work on COVID-19

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on towns and cities across the UK intensifies, the need to link business support to community need has never been more urgent.

To meet this need BITC has launched the National Business Response Network to identify community needs across the UK and match them to the right business support. Through Business in the Community’s vast regional and local connections and leaders, we are able to identify national and local community needs. The network then connects businesses who have the resources to help.

BITC has several years’ experience of supporting business at moments of crisis to engage in the most effective and practical ways and reduce the overload and mass requests made of the very organisations and partners that we want to help rather than slow down. We have a network of collaborative business hubs led by the Prince’s Responsible Business Ambassadors standing by ready in each nation and region, to help us coordinate support in the most effective ways.

Read more about BITC’s COVID-19 response.

Further support

If you would like more information about how BITC can support your business to have an impact in communities or support Volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact Belinda Goodman, Workplace Advisory Manager, to discuss the benefits of a community partnership.

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