Response and Recovery: Small Business Guide

This factsheet helps small small- to medium-sized organisations prepare their response and plan their recovery from a cyber incident. Cyber attacks may not be on the top of your organisation’s priority list. However, cyber-related incidents are more common than often thought. The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) defines a cyber incident as unauthorised access, or attempted access, to an organisation’s IT systems. These may be malicious attacks such as denial of service attacks, malware infection, ransomware or phishing attacks; or could be accidental incidents such as damage from fire, flood or theft.

The NCSC, in partnership with Business in the Community, has created a toolkit, Response and Recovery: A Guide for Business Owners and IT Managers. It provides small- to medium-sized organisations with guidance about how to prepare their response, and plan their recovery to a cyber incident. This factsheet summarises the information within it.

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