How Can Corporate Finance Tackle the Climate Crisis?

This member-only factsheet sets out the role of the modern corporate finance professional in supporting their businesses to take action on the climate crisis.

This factsheet sets out the role of modern corporate finance professionals in supporting their businesses to take action on the climate crisis. Changing expectations of consumers and investors, as well as changes to legislation around climate-related financial disclosures, demand a fundamental re-think of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role.

How can corporate finance tackle the climate crisis? details how three Business in the Community (BITC) members, Anglian Water, Burger King and National Grid, and are acting on this issue.

Learn more climate-related financial disclosures in the BITC member-only factsheet Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures which defines climate-related risks, explains what is required by the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and outlines the business benefits of sharing this information.

The way an organisation responds to the climate crisis is increasingly significant in how the performance and future viability of that business is measured. Investors, institutions, and governments are asking questions, creating structures, and introducing formal measures to increase action.

Corporate finance and the climate crisis

The evolution of corporate finance is being fuelled by:

  • increased awareness and expectations from consumers and investors
  • legislative changes around reporting and transparency
  • need to fund the innovations and business changes required to transition to net zero carbon.

The modern CFO will need to address these risks and opportunities, then fully integrate climate action into their strategy, financing, and reporting, as core parts of their role. Learn more in this factsheet.

How Business in the Community can support you to take climate action

Acting on the climate crisis is a core pillar of any responsible business strategy. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is a starting point for businesses to ensure their climate action strategies create positive outcomes for people and nature.  The conference, in partnership with Italy, will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, between 01 and 21 November 2021.

Business in the Community (BITC) works to inspire and support our members, working with both those who are on the journey and those yet to start. Through guidance, resources and events, we equip businesses to set targets, develop inclusive action plans with employees, suppliers and community stakeholders.  We also campaign for government action to support these actions.

We want every business to become climate positive, which starts with developing a robust, science-based climate resilience strategy with ambitious net-zero carbon targets.

This is an important issue and development area for our members. If you would like more information to take action, or related events or content, contact your BITC Relationship Manager. Need help contacting your Relationship Manager?

Find out more about BITC’s climate action work.