Ensure effective resource use

Making the best use of resources is the only smart way to do business.

For most of the twentieth century the vast majority of global resource consumption was situated within the few relatively advanced economies of North America and Europe. However, as economies in the rest of the world have begun to catch up and demand for resource intensive products and services has continued to grow there is increasing pressure on, and competition for, the raw materials and commodities we need to support our modern lifestyles.

Leading companies are looking at how they can secure long term, sustainable sources of the raw materials they need. Even more fundamentally, they are re-examining their approach to delivering products and services in a way which will reduce the impact of resource competition and scarcity on their business. This is allowing them to take a lead at tapping into €250-500 billion opportunity that’s expected to be available by 2025.

Priorities for action

  1. Measure your waste, the associated costs and potential value opportunities

  2. Assess critical resources and potential risks to current and future availability

  3. Understand resource consumption across the lifecycle of your products and services

  4. Redesign systems, procedures and products to maximise the best use of resources

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