Nurture healthy ecosystems

Taking action to nurture nature’s assets and services that underpin business success is the smart way to resilient prosperity.


Flourishing businesses and communities depend on healthy ecosystems for their wellbeing and very survival.  Globally it is estimated that the services nature provides for free are worth between $US125 trillion (tn) and $US145 tn per year (based on 2011 data).  These life support services include, but are not limited to provision of food, fresh water and clean air, mitigating flood risk, processing waste and storing carbon, in both rural and urban environments.  In total over the last 25 years it is estimated that these services have lost between $US4tn and $US20tn per year, with some suggesting that as many as 200 species become extinct every day.

Leading companies are looking at how they can value and take action to protect and regenerate the natural capital upon which they depend for current and future success.  BITC’s Environment Programme supports companies to take practical action, individually and collaboratively, to understand the challenges and make tangible improvements on the ground.

Priorities for action

  1. Understand where your business is dependent on healthy ecoystems and where the risks might be in your value chain if these services are disrupted.

  2. Analyse how your products, services and operations may impact on ecosystems and how you can become a positive contributor.

  3. Work collaboratively with employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to identify where you can collectively make the biggest positive impact.

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Can your company demonstrate outstanding practice in nurturing and valuing ecosystems?  Enter the BITC Award for Environmental Leadership.