Global Mega-Trends

The world is changing, and every business needs to understand and factor these changes into its operations to remain viable and thrive in the future. 

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What are global mega-trends?

Global mega-trends are the macro-economic, environmental and social trends that will force changes in how we approach the decisions we make about business and its future.

Global mega-trends including rapid population growth, increasing global connectedness, increasing resource constraints, changing weather patterns and shifts in consumer values will usher in a new and unprecedented operating environment for businesses. By 2050, the planet will be a vastly different place.

To support companies in understanding the threats, but more importantly in identifying business opportunities as we move toward a world of 9 billion people, we have identified six key global mega-trends affecting businesses called the Forces for Change.

Why are they relevant to business?

Those organisations that recognise global mega-trends and plan for a changing world will be the market leaders of the future. By 2050, many traditional business models will no longer be feasible, and certain products/services will become obsolete or their production/delivery will be untenable due to the influence of such forces.

Business leaders must develop their thinking to challenge conventional business models to ensure their business prospers by responding in the right way, and at the right time, to these pressing issues.

In 2012 we released our Forces for Change report to support companies in understanding the threats, but more importantly in identifying business opportunities in a dynamic and rapidly evolving future.

Future Insights

Working in partnership with Sheffield University Management School we have continued to review global trends and developed insights into how megatrends could shape the landscape for business in the next few decades.  Read our Future Insights guide to trends in six areas that will have a huge impact on business.

Global Mega-Trends

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