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Sheffield University Management School logoWe know that businesses are operating in a rapidly changing, complex and uncertain world. Today’s evidence points to big opportunities and challenges ahead for businesses. Working with Sheffield University Management School, we have reviewed six key trends and compiled insights into how these will shape the landscape for business both here in the UK and globally.

There is a great deal of interaction between these six areas: Population, Technology, Resources, Climate change, Politics and Personal values. The implications for business are wide reaching; as these trends unfold they will impact on every area of business, including supply chain, resource management, innovation and human resources. We hope that these insights help challenge and shape your strategic thinking when looking at the long term prosperity and sustainability of your business.


Demographics - people running.  Illustration from Future Insights publicationThe global population will be larger and older. There will be increased migration and more people will live in urban areas. People will be working longer, and expect a better quality of life.  Read more >

Climate change

Future insights: Climate change - two people under a sun and a raincloudThe UK is likely to be much stormier, with more extremes of weather and seasonal variation. Globally we will see more heatwaves and droughts; more flooding and cold snaps.  Read more >


Politics - a person on a globe.  Illustration from Future Insights publicationChanging values, the global financial crisis, social, economic and environmental changes and the post 9/11 war on terror have all led to the reshaping of the geopolitical sphere domestically and globally. Read more >


Resource access: A person by a locked up water fountainThere will be increased competition for natural resources and key workforce skills. Energy and water supplies will be key factors in economic prosperity. Read more >


Personal values

A person flying a kite.  Illustration from Future Insights publicationOur 'Millennial Generation' may have different expectations, with a greater level of distrust in the establishment and more emphasis placed on quality of life.
Read more >



Technology - a futuristic car.  Illustration from Future Insights publicationConsumer expectations are growing in the era of emerging technologies, of the Internet of Things and 3D printing. Businesses need to be involved and prepared for these technological changes. Read more >


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