Sustainable consumption

Every business can help consumers to live more sustainable lives through the products/services they offer, and by influencing consumer behaviour on how those products/services are used.

Sustainable consumption

What is it?

Sustainable consumption is about society using resources at a rate that the planetary systems we rely on can sustain, and at a rate that does not jeopardise the needs of future generations. In practice, this means people living more sustainable lives. One key aspect of this is the products/services consumers buy and how they use them. Sustainable consumption is wholly integrated with and dependent upon its sister concept of sustainable production (which describes the design, development, production and supply of goods/services in a sustainable manner).

Businesses can encourage sustainable consumption by:

  • Customer engagement by encouraging more sustainable purchases, and changing how customers use products/services. This includes choice editing by limiting the choice of products/services they offer to consumers or innovating their existing product/service offer.
  • Employee engagement including through promotion sustainable working and alternatives to travel (see our ways2work programme for information) to encourage employees to live and work more sustainably.  

Why is it relevant to business?

With global mega-trends including increased connectedness, increasing transparency for businesses and the decline of blind consumerism, there is space for businesses to really improve the quality of the conversation with citizens around sustainable living. Businesses that engage with consumers around sustainability and sustainable consumption will be the market leaders of the future, will gain strong consumer loyalty and trust, boost reputation and create competitive advantage.

We ask

  • Think about sustainable consumption and whether your business enables this
  • Test new ideas, products/services and business models
  • Build these new concepts across your business


We offer

  • Membership of BITC’s consumer facing programme called Start
  • Events and workshops to promote understanding of the topic and learn best practice from peers
  • Bespoke advisory services to companies around this agenda

Sustainable Business Toolkit

Helping you create and test innovative ideas that deliver commercial, environmental & social benefit

Key contact

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Campaign Manager – Future Proof
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