Responsible leadership

The challenge for business leaders is to ensure the wider responsibilities of business are understood within their organisation and in society and to demonstrate how a responsible approach to business will create value.

Business leaders must be seen to act and demonstrate their commitment to creating a fairer society and a more sustainable future by fostering a culture that will encourage innovation, reward the right behaviours and regain trust. In short, leaders must write a new contract with society into their own business.

We ask

We ask responsible leaders to:

  • Have conversations at the most senior level to ensure a move towards an integrated approach to how you do business

  • Create stronger advocates and develop your future leaders to develop a greater understanding of the opportunity responsible business can play in creating value

  • Demonstrate your values and reward the behaviours you want to encourage in your business

  • Communicate to your stakeholders the total value of your business, beyond just financial and demonstrate how a responsible approach to business will create value.

We offer

We provide a range of services to help:

The business case

By showing leadership on responsible business issues, companies can gain a competitive advantage within their sector, through increased customer loyalty, stronger brand loyalty and better employee engagement.

Ensuring that responsibility is integrated into a company's governance and that environmental and social issues are managed responsibly delivers improved financial performance for companies. Read more about the value of corporate governance.




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