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Values, ethics and culture

Corporate values, ethics and culture are about what the company stands for, how its employees behave and about framing the business’ role, giving it a purpose beyond making a profit.

We ask business leaders to encourage the behaviours you value

Direct involvement of your employees can help develop and demonstrate the behaviours you want to encourage in your business, as well as help build a more engaged and motivated work force.

Through our various programmes your employees can take part in a range of activities, from mentoring young people to advising small businesses to community volunteering.

The business benefits of a strong base of corporate values

Lots of businesses get by without them, however research by Collins and Porras (Built to Last: Successful habits of visionary companies, 2005) showed that the key factor that was common to those companies that had been enduringly great performers - ones at the top of their market for a hundred years or more – was a base of values that was strong enough to provide the employees of the company with a common bond – a purpose beyond profit.

Establishing a strong base of values within the business is the best way to effectively meet the dual interests of successful long term financial performance and also meeting the growing expectations on your business to operate with economic, social and environmental responsibility.

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