Apprenticeships work for both businesses and individuals - providing companies with a skilled workforce to help them grow and giving people of all ages hands-on experience, guidance and qualifications, to help them develop real skills in their chosen career.

The Value of Apprenticeships

BITC and City & Guilds have partnered to raise the profile of apprenticeships amongst BITC members. Our members were surveyed to understand the current views of apprenticeships and what’s required for companies to do more.

As a result BITC and City & Guilds have created a publication called The Value of Apprenticeships an inspirational look at how some of the UK’s most successful companies have used apprenticeships to drive commercial success.

The guide can be downloaded at

A million people, young people aren’t working - that’s the most urgent issue for businesses.

- Steve Holliday,
CEO National Grid.
Million Extra

The partnership forms part of the City & Guilds Million Extra campaign – and we are on track to reach our target of creating a million extra apprenticeships by summer 2013.

A new report from City & Guilds predicts UK businesses would be boosted by £459 million per annum by creating an additional million apprenticeship places. Extra apprenticeship places would generate £1.2 billion in tax revenues between 2012-2020. Read more about the report here: City & Guilds: A Million Extra.


Key Contact

Grace Mehanna
Campaign Director, Talent & Skills

T: + 44 (0)20 7566 8699