Jonathan Hill looks at the camera

Jonathan Hill

Head Of Facilities Management at Qwest Services,

Future Leaders Board

Jonathan Hill joined Engie as part of their 2016 Graduate Management Trainee scheme. He previously studied International Law at the University of Sheffield, including a year abroad studying at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. Since joining Engie, Jonathan has since worked across a variety of the company’s sectors, interacting with both the Energy and Facilities Management arms of the business.

Jonathan has chosen to join the Future Leaders Board to grow his understanding and influence on how both he and Engie can use their positions and stakeholders to play a part in how business addresses the key challenges of society as this becomes ever more crucial at the current time of mass change and disruption. Jonathan hopes to achieve this through the sharing of best practice and also through positive challenge of the ways in which his organisation and others work, which membership of the board enables, to understand how the greatest impact can be achieved on the communities in which we serve.