Responsible Business Awards

Responsible Business Week (23-27 April 2018) is an annual awareness campaign which celebrates the brighter side of business by sharing great responsible business success stories.

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Rural African communities continue to benefit from SunnyMoney’s unique model that brings clean and affordable light to the masses, helping to eradicate dirty kerosene lamps once and for all.
What if we could harness people’s intellectual capital, instead of replacing them with automation?
Why Cisco spends $3.5m a year to maintain a dedicated disaster relief team
Dragon LNG has taken community engagement to another level by servicing the real education needs of young people across Pembrokeshire.
Barclays’ opens door for older-generation to make the most of apprenticeships
Through its Love Every Drop strategy, the regional water business has a plan that will see it achieve net carbon neutrality by the middle of the century.
With £20bn being invested in the UK’s energy infrastructure, there is a need for a new source of enthusiastic employees. And National Grid believes it has found the answer.
Tesco’s surplus food redistribution scheme has so far donated 5.7 million meals to 3,500 charities across the UK – with minimal impact on sales or store operations. Here’s how it has done it
Making hens comfortable and able to 'range' further is boosting production for the organic, free-range egg business.
WaterHealth’s decentralised system can purify contaminated water for rural communities everywhere, supporting the 1.8 billion people without access to safe drinking water.