Today’s publication of the 2019 GCSE results reveal a marked difference in grades between rich and poor pupils.
Ahead of the publication of the 2019 A-level results, Rachael Saunders, Education Campaign Director at Business in the Community, says:
To futureproof businesses, everyone must be equipped with the ability to recognise, develop and articulate the skills they need to be successful in work. It is not a new challenge, but is one that must be tackled with increasing urgency.
Cardiff Business School is the BITC Cymru Responsible Large Business of the Year after winning the title at The Wales Responsible Business Awards 2019.
We know that business needs young people with essential skills, such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, problem solving, and digital skills, including a knowledge of how technology can help with a range of job tasks and roles, and the ability to use data to learn and improve.  
This toolkit helps teachers and businesses create curriculum projects that support teaching and learning, and attainment.
A scheme that supports companies to partner with schools is providing opportunities to employees and students