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Our ambition is a diverse, skilled and healthy workforce that actively volunteers in communities, with business setting public targets on diversity, fair pay, productivity and wellbeing.
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is the sixth largest of ten water and sewerage companies in the UK. Welsh Water provides a safe and reliable supply of drinking water along with waste water and sewerage services to over 3 million people living in Wales and some parts of England, covering over 1,000 operational sites.
Financial services company Admiral has launched a programme, Ministry of Health, which aims to create an overall welfare structure for the business by pulling together different aspects of support for staff.
Join the movement through our new Wellbeing membership Core and Champion offers.
Improvements in quality of work, particularly for people in lower occupational groups, would contribute significantly to a healthy and more productive Europe.
Good quality work contributes to health and wellbeing, while poor working conditions increase exposure to physical and mental stress. Health-averse conditions are more common in low status jobs.
Being part of the Prince’s Responsible Business Network in Wales, our Members can access the latest thinking and best practice.
Employers must build emotional resilience in employees to enable happy, productive workforces.
A spotlight on mental health at work in Wales