Business Class

Responsible Business Week (23-27 April 2018) is an annual awareness campaign which celebrates the brighter side of business by sharing great responsible business success stories.

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A paper highlighting key government policy developments in education, October 2014.
A paper highlighting key government policy developments in education and careers guidance, July 2014
'It was fascinating to see the students engage with the possibility that anyone can potentially set up a business of their own if they have the skills and ideas to make it a success.'
'By using the Business Class model both organisations were able to go through a set out and systematic approach to correctly identify where we could have the most impact.'
"The greatest reward is to your teams who grow with the experience and your customers who are proud to support your efforts."
"We take for granted the knowledge we have about the world of work, but many students are genuinely interested to know what holding down a job is really like."
"I have been surprised by how well schools and pupils respond to businesses wanting to get involved."
"Don't see Business Class as a one-way street of supply a service, see it as part of securing your company's future."
"Access to inspirational adults transforms lives."