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46 companies have achieved the CommunityMark since its launch. 38 are currently recognised as upholding this standard of excellence.
The CommunityMark assessment process includes an in-depth review of how companies invest in their communities and how they measure the difference that such investment makes in both the community and the business.
The CommunityMark application process is flexible and designed to support companies working toward the standard.
If you have queries about the application process or any other aspect of the CommunityMark, please first try the list of frequently asked questions below.
Companies achieving the CommunityMark recognise that investing time, skills and resource into communities not only benefits those communities but bring long-term sustainable returns for their company.
Companies are developing beyond cheque-book charity towards sustainable community partnerships. CommunityMark has evolved alongside this as a national standard of best practice for community investment management.
The CommunityMark is the UK’s national standard recognising leadership and excellence in community investment.