The Prince's Seeing is Believing

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Senior executives need to have a nuanced understanding of the social and environmental forces shaping our world, and know how to respond for the good of their organisation and for society as a whole.
This report is the starting point for Business in the Community for working with leaders to shape a new contract between business and society, to secure a fairer society and more sustainable future.
The Prince’s Seeing is Believing programme is about closing the gap between the boardroom and communities. This report highlights the achievements of 2013 and the programme for 2014
Visit leader: David Richardson, Regional Managing Director, Midlands, East & South West, Mid Markets, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Banking Group
The Prince’s Seeing is Believing is our flagship leadership programme that gives senior business leaders first-hand insight into key social and environmental issues.
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The Prince’s Seeing is believing programme is designed to bring about change by engaging senior business leaders who set the vision for some of the country’s most powerful businesses.