Water Programme

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A lifebuoy floating in the water, image by Tom Page licenced under Creative Commons 2.0
Managing our water resources responsibly is one of the most crucial challenges we face if we wish to maintain vital and healthy economies, environments and societies.
Every year, pipes are blocked and sewers clogged with oils, grease and fats, costing money and causing havoc. But simply collecting the grease in a container and putting it in the bin can avoid this.
Established in 1872, Adnams is a UK brewer, hotelier and wine merchant, who hold their values at the heart of their business and are committed to making sure that their impact on society is a positive one.
At an event in central London today, attended by HRH Prince of Wales, Business in the Community has called on food and drink businesses to take steps to improve water quality and use as outlined in a new report.
Get all the latest updates and announcements from Business in the Community summit on creating a prosperous and resilient economy - this is smart growth in a slow growth world.
A resource for professionals with an interest in water, ecosystems, agriculture and procurement in UK food and drink companies, explaining water management in operations and agricultural supply chains
For Adnams Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk, water is a real concern, and from maintaining supply and quality to limiting any negative impacts their production has on the environment the brewers have become an example of sustainable water use.