Water Programme

Through the Beyond Nature programme the water company is working with its farm tenants to improve not only the quality of its water, but its land too.
The business case for investing in water resilience in Greater Manchester
Healthy ecosystems are vital to ensuring clean and safe water, nutrient rich, stable soil for farmers and for the long-term health of indigenous wildlife and biodiversity. All of these factors are important to businesses as they impact on the supply of natural resources, manufacturing processes, transportation and supply chain; so healthy ecosystems are essential for long term business and environmental sustainability. This is particularly the case for businesses in the food and drink industry who are reliant on farmers as part of their supply chain. 
As a result of climate change, population growth and increased urbanisation, cities across the UK increasingly face flooding, drought, water pollution and health problems linked to lack of green spaces and decline in nature. In order to manage these changes, cities need to build their resilience and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are just one way that they can do this. 
Established in 1872, Adnams is a UK brewer, hotelier and wine merchant, who hold their values at the heart of their business and are committed to making sure that their impact on society is a positive one.
For Adnams Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk, water is a real concern, and from maintaining supply and quality to limiting any negative impacts their production has on the environment the brewers have become an example of sustainable water use.
The Water programme aims to catalyse innovation by suggesting how research activity can be better targeted to help businesses be more water resilient.
This priority area for the Water programme is initially taking a sector-based approach to helping businesses improve stewardship of water resources.