Maya de Souza turning her head towards the camera

Maya de Souza

Head of Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy Strategy Team, Defra

Circular Economy Taskforce

Maya de Souza leads Defra’s (the UK Government Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) Circular Economy Policy and International Engagement Team. Her responsibilities include developing policy and a programme on waste prevention, taking forward the development of policy measures to support designing out of waste through standards and consumer information, analysing the relationship between the  policy framework and a transition to a circular economy, as well as engaging internationally in this field. 

She has broad environmental policy experience from working on the natural environment – leading on soil protection policy and farming standards – as well as flood risk and green public procurement. In addition, Maya worked with businesses in Hong Kong for several years initiating and taking forward collaborative business projects and influencing public policy. 

Maya is pleased to join Business in the Community’s (BITC) Circular Economy Taskforce considering the connection between better management of resources, safeguarding natural environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the vital role that business can play in achieving change.

About BITC’s Circular Economy Taskforce

Each area of work BITC undertakes is led by a group of senior executives who provide strategic guidance and support us in achieving our objectives.

BITC’s Circular Economy Taskforce brings together a group of senior executives committed to delivering a high impact programme to bring the circular economy to life.

The taskforce supports BITC’s Environment Leadership Team, who are helping business drive innovation that turns the threats of the climate emergency into opportunity for people and nature.

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