Jane Wood on celebrating the impact that players of People’s Postcode Lottery make to lives

Jane Wood, Managing Director of Business in the Community Scotland, writes on the impact that players of People’s Postcode Lottery make to lives - including through Business in the Community

We value sharing our stories at Business in the Community Scotland and I always like to hear from the team about their own experiences across the diverse work they do - which they share with a great deal of enthusiasm! They speak passionately about what a positive difference our work is making to lives in Scotland.

These are real, human stories and it gives me great pleasure to hear about the successes in our communities.

People's Postcode Lottery logoOne of our funders that allows us to make such an impact is People’s Postcode Lottery (PPL). We have much to be thankful for from players of the Postcode Lottery whose participation directly influences and greatly affects lives.

Since 2013 we have received support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. PPL is a special funder; recognising that times change and priorities do too. PPL’s flexibility is key for us to determine where to spend funds and why – maximising impact where it is most needed.

It’s a true partnership, delivering a combined mission to improve our communities and raising awareness of social concerns through the simple action of buying a ticket. It’s more than just about winning. It’s also about being together for the long haul. To have lasting change, you need commitment beyond a year. Parachuting resources in does not have a lasting outcome.

So, the continuing funding which all of us receive thanks to players of PPL is beyond useful - it’s essential. To be able to try and sometimes fail, but also to try and have even greater success - this freedom is rare in the current funding world.

I have heard stories about and witnessed the benefit of this funding first hand, so it was my pleasure to attend a Gala dinner to celebrate the wonderful achievements of these players and the PPL.

An annual event held this year at the beautiful Prestonfield House in Edinburgh, the People’s Postcode Lottery Charity Gala celebrates and showcases the achievements of charities, grassroots organisations and other good causes supported by their players. Last week at the Gala more than 2,800 player-supported charities were celebrated.

It was a privilege to introduce Business in the Community’s President, HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, who thanked players of the People’s Postcode Lottery for their support and generosity for raising vital funds for charities across the UK and wider world.

HRH thanked PPL and its players for their three years and £1.95m of financial support of The Prince’s Charities – including Business in the Community.

At the Gala, HRH explained how players have helped thousands of people gain employment with Business in the Community’s Ready For Work programme. This funding supports people furthest from the job market and affected by homelessness to access training and support to find a way back into employment.

Ready for Work is a successful Business in the Community programme having just reached its target of supporting 4,000 people into employment and changing thousands of lives for the better. A fantastic achievement that you can read more about.  

The Prince’s Charities have benefitted enormously from players of PPL’s support and it has been so important to increasing the impact and reach of them all. HRH thanked players of People’s Postcode Lottery, saying that every player is making a contribution to their community (30p in every £1 goes to charitable causes).

HRH also stressed the importance of empowering charities who have the expertise to invest support where it is most needed and said PPL has shown that it is possible to do social good and spread winnings and contributions to charities across communities.

It was a great event and I look forward to hearing all the positive stories that will emerge from 2017; journeys and stories that are just being started and written right now will doubtless be shared at next year’s event.

I would also like to say thank you to the players for their support and also to the People’s Postcode Lottery team who do an amazing job.

I’m reminded continually that the lottery is the mechanism to give money. But without the PPL team’s passion and vision I’m not sure that this would work, or that the impact I hear stories of so often, would be as great or as meaningful.