Lloyd's story

Lloyd took part in Ready for Work in 2014, after being referred by his probation worker. With a criminal conviction he didn’t rate his chances of getting a job very highly. Thanks to the programme he now works full time for Freshfields, one of London’s largest law firms. This is his story.

"IT support isn’t really about computers, it’s about customer service. You need to be able to put people at ease, even if you don’t know what the answer is straight away! That’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned since I started working at Freshfields two and a half years ago. But it’s a lesson that’s part of a much bigger journey.

Standing in the dock of the crown court being handed a five year sentence – it’s not exactly what a kid dreams of when he pictures the future. But it’s where I found myself after some foolish decisions. I spent two and a half years inside.

My nan always says the devil makes work for idle hands, so as soon as I was out I didn’t want to be associated with that way of life anymore. It was my probation worker who referred me to the programme. He thought I had the skills for a place like Freshfields, and Ready for Work could offer me that opportunity.

He was right, in a way. But the truth is the programme’s given me a life that’s beyond my wildest dreams.

There needs to be more companies like Freshfields, willing to give ex-offenders a chance. How do you expect someone to get on with their life if you’re not willing to give them the opportunity? We all fail in some way in life and we want to make it right the second, or even third time.

Shouldn’t everyone get the chance to make it right?"

All images ©Alison Baskerville/Business In The Community