Addressing mental health in the workplace

HR and CR practitioners from across the south recently attended a Breakfast Briefing to learn about mental health, a growing workplace issue.

The session, sponsored by Right Management Workplace Wellness was hosted at the Solent Hotel in Whiteley, Hampshire, and featured guest speakers Louise Aston (Workwell Campaign Director, BITC) and Kevin Friery (Clinical Director, Right Management Workplace Wellness).

The speakers gave insights into steps businesses can take to support staff and addressing mental health in the workplace. With one in six workers dealing with a mental health problem, the business case for taking action in the workplace is clear. There are a variety of positive changes businesses can make, from creating a culture of openess to slight policy alterations.

Key learnings from the session included:

  • Highlighting of the fact that various misconceptions exist around mental health, with employers often dressing up mental health as physical health.

  • Small changes to the working environment and policies can make a big impact on addressing anxiexty in the workplace.

  • Employees and employers have a responsibility to think differently and create a culture of openness in the UK.

See a detailed report on the Mental Health in the Workplace Breakfast Briefing for more detailed insight to the learnings alongside the presentations from the session.