Barclays/GSK report gives refreshingly honest insights into corporate partnerships

Summing up their three-year corporate partnership, GSK and Barclays have published the report Sharing the Path Ahead: Insights from the Barclays GSK Partnership.

In September 2013, the then CEOs of GSK and Barclays, Sir Andrew Witty and Antony Jenkins, announced their companies' collaboration at the Clinton Global Initiative.

This innovative partnership, based in Zambia, was aimed at improving the availability and affordability of healthcare, along with increasing access and awareness of it. Together, GSK and Barclays looked at various ideas designed to tackle the challenges of 'last mile' delivery of healthcare in rural areas.  

The report outlines how this business-to-business partnership created Live Well Social Business Ltd long-term sustainable business model to tackle a social need, rather than following the traditional business-NGO partnership model based on provision of funding or support.

As well as the succesful model that was developed and is now running, of Community Health Entrepreneurs supported to sell healthcare goods in rural areas, the report looks at some of the concepts that did not make it to market, and what can be learned from them.  Also included are recommmendations and a checklist of questions for other corporates looking to form similar partnerships.

Read the report.

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