BERG’s 10 Minute Plan: How HSBC supports business resilience

BERG established the 10 Minute Resilience Plan to help businesses prepare, respond and recover from the unexpected. BERG is working with influential companies to communicate the tool to all SMEs across the UK - even a small amount of proactive work can help safeguard businesses against risks. Just 10 minutes could make all the difference when disaster strikes.

Joey Tabone, Head of the BERG Programme, says “Taking a moment to plan and prepare will save small businesses time and money when something happens. Our observations show that those businesses putting even minimal effort into continuity planning, will likely recover sooner from disruption, whether from natural disaster such as a flood or from cyber crime or other disruption.”

Why is HSBC supporting SME resilience?

HSBC is committed to supporting business growth throughout 2017 and beyond – helping business navigate any obstacles they may face along the way. While there are significant opportunities to be grasped, there are also risks that need to be considered.   

According to James Cliffe, Head of Business Banking at HSBC “protection is always at the forefront of HSBC’s mind when they speak to clients. HSBC believes that taking time to plan for business continuity can pay dividends and  BERG’s 10 Minute Resilience Plan has proven to be a useful starting-point for many client conversations about planning for the unexpected.” 

The plan helps small businesses to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies, no matter how large or small. By prompting business owners to consider issues such as alternative premises and listing the information of key suppliers and insurance companies, they can improve organisational resilience.

How has HSBC promoted the 10 Minute Plan?

BERG Board member, James Cliffe, led the rollout of the plan to business customers across the UK.  HSBC has circulated the tool to business customers throughout December 2016 and January 2017.

How is the plan being rolled out to other banks?

On behalf of BERG, James Cliffe communicated the importance of resilience planning to the British Bankers Association.  Following HSBC’s success, other organisations from across the financial sector will be working with BERG to communicate the plan to their SME stakeholders.

Are there any tips to help other businesses embed the plan internally?

The 10 Minute Plan did not require sign off from certain compliance channels within HSBC.  This was because it was produced by charity BITC and was not classed as a financial product or service. 

Does HSBC plan further support during 2017?

HSBC is promoting use of the Plan by customer-facing colleagues who interact with SMEs in local branches.  The first step is to socialise the plan with HSBC’s Business Telephony teams – there are around 50,000 conversations with business customers every week via this channel.  It will then be rolled out to support SMEs visiting a number of key branches.  It will continue to be rolled out to the 1000s of HSBC branches. 

Find out more

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