BITC congratulates 5-star companies in the 2017 CR Index

The responsible business agenda is constantly moving and it is critical that businesses remain aware of changes – be it changes in legislation, environmental factors or best practice in general. It is maintaining this awareness that drives business improvements and creates the best opportunity for success – for all elements of our society.

Being a responsible business is about being an active and responsible part of the community we serve, building resilience by planning for the future and the long term.

- Richard Flint,
Chief Executive at Yorkshire Water

About the Index

The CR Index helps organisations to devise and deliver business strategies that have responsibility at their heart. It does so by benchmarking against industry peers, conducting a gap analysis then recognising and communicating achievement.

Developed in consultation with business leaders, the first CR Index survey was launched in 2002. In addition to being a public exercise in transparency the Index is a robust tool which aims to help companies systematically measure, manage and integrate responsible business practice.

More on the CR Index


The value of measuring good practice

In 2017, a number of companies committed to measuring their organisation’s CR credentials, demonstrating a positive commitment to both measurement and improvement of their internal practice and overall impact. “The value of participation in the Index and of benchmarking our performance is that the rigour of the process requires real in-depth analysis of the work we do and of the value it adds. Participating in the Index encourages us to improve our performance year on year. Going forward Gentoo will continue to work with other businesses and our supply chain to share best practice as a proud ambassador of the responsible business agenda”, explained Lucy Malarkey, Gentoo's Deputy Director of Operations, who has been awarded 5-stars for three years running.

We caught up with four of the companies who achieved the highest 5-star ranking in our 2017 index, to explore in more detail, the importance benchmarking plays in their responsible business efforts.


Want to know more

Over the last few months we’ve been undertaking a review of the CR-Index,  as part of our ongoing commitment to best practice.  We're now in the process of developing the next generation of benchmarking tools which we hope to launch in the near future. 

We've witnessed first-hand some significant shifts to the responsible business agenda in recent years and our ongoing consultations with our members affirm these observations. As it is our commitment to ensure that businesses remain at the fore-front of building a better and fairer society, we're working with our members to continually refine and equip them with the latest thinking and support – and in doing so, helping to make responsible business a cornerstone of their business.    

To find out more about these changes and how your business can help shape our work contact us or speak with your Business in the Community Advisor.