BITC Scotland has been named the new charity partner of LifeSkills created with Barclays

BITC Scotland will support the delivery of Barclays’ LifeSkills employability programme north of the border

LifeSkills is a free, curriculum-linked resource for young people and schools which aims to inspire, educate and empower young people aged 11–24, giving them access to employability skills and work experience opportunities to support them in the transition from school to work.

BITC Scotland’s role as charity partner is to support the delivery of the LifeSkills programme in Scotland, helping to take it further into classrooms across the country, creating opportunities for all Barclays employees in Scotland to volunteer in secondary schools. The programme focuses on three core modules; work skills, people skills and money skills. Young people will gain skills such as CV writing, interview skills, networking, problem solving, creativity, resilience, communication and managing online reputation.

More than 30,000 young people from schools in Scotland are expected to benefit from the programme over the next three years. LifeSkills launched in 2013 and to date more than 3.9 million young people across the UK have participated in the programme.

Mark Bevan, Director for Business in the Community Scotland, said:

“The ethos behind the programme aligns perfectly with Business in the Community Scotland’s values and we’re delighted to join our Welsh colleagues and to be appointed the charity partner responsible for supporting the delivery of LifeSkills across Scotland.

“LifeSkills supports the creation of a strong talent pipeline of young people moving into the labour market who can achieve their aspirations, which in turn addresses the significant societal issue of the skills gap and youth employment challenges faced by Scotland.”

Kirstie Mackey, Director of LifeSkills at Barclays said: “LifeSkills equips young people with the skills they need to move forward into the 21st century workplace such as resilience, problem solving, creativity and communication. In an ever evolving career landscape which is increasingly competitive, it is more important than ever that young people gain the core, transferable skills that employers are looking for.   

“Working with partners such as BITC Scotland, ensures that LifeSkills is also reaching those young people who need it most. Government, businesses, educators and parents need to work together to improve careers advice and invest in the next generation, raising their confidence and aspirations and building the UK’s talent pipeline. “


Photography courtesy of Robert Zunikoff, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, Annapolis, United States