Business Leaders Debate: Responsible business and the impact of volunteering

Businesses leaders from across the Solent attended a lively debate on responsible business and the impact of employee volunteering. The event formed part of Business in the Community's Responsible Business Week and was coordinated by BITC member Fasset.

'I believe ‘if you can, you should’ and encourage every business here and in the wider community to get involved and make a positive difference'.

- Gary Medlow,
Managing Director at Fasset.
40 business leaders attended the session at Langstone Technology Park, Havant on Tuesday 1 April. From the role that business plays in society to the benefits of being a responsible employer a variety of topic areas were covered by  guest speakers.

Melanie Parker, Corporate Adviser opened the session with an insight to the work of BITC locally and nationally. Melanie discussed how, building on 30 years of action, Business in the Community is working to shape a new contract between business and society.

From improved operational effectiveness to enhancing the reputation of a brand, the benefits of being a responsible business were clear. Like many areas, the Solent region faces a number of challenges in relation to education and employability. With one in five 16 -19 year olds in England having literacy levels no better than those of an 11 year old, employers have a role to play to secure both a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

As a member of Business in the Community and a champion of responsible business Gary Medlow, Managing Director of Fasset provided a fascinating insight to life behind the scenes of Langstone Technology Park. Delegates were left inspired by the variety of initiatives and work that has been undertaken to develop a sustainable workplace for tenants, employees and the local community.

Jinx Prowse, CEO of Havant based charity Music Fusion discussed how businesses can make an impact in supporting local charities without making a direct financial contribution. From sharing the skills of staff to providing access to back office resources businesses can take simple steps to support local groups whilst retuning a business benefit.

As a local employer who works with Business in the Community to tackle local issues in the community Jason Dowling, Facilities Manager at Carillion provided an overview of their award winning volunteering programme.

The event formed part of a wider campaign by the team at Fasset to raise awareness of Responsible Business amongst tenants at Langstone Technology Park. Employees based at the park were also encouraged to visit a Volunteering Carousel in the main restaurant to find out about the variety of volunteering opportunities available.

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