Central England Co-operative supports people in need with donation of four vehicles

Four vehicles used by Central England Co-operative in its Food and Funeral businesses are now set to be used to help people in need across the globe.

Colleagues from the Society’s Food Distribution Centre, in Scudamore Road, Leicester, have revealed that two 26-tonne lorries have been donated to the National Police Aid Convoy team – one will be used to transport medical goods to Syria and the other filled with hospital beds and equipment before being shipped to Accra, Ghana.

The Society’s Funeralcare business is also donating two vehicles to Lusaka, in Zambia, to help support the United Churches of Zambia.

Robin Farrell, Head of Distribution and Logistics, said: “As a responsible and co-operative business, we are delighted to be able to use four vehicles, which have helped us serve our customers so well over the years, to now help people in need across the world. We are proud to be working the National Police Aid Convoy team and supporting them in their efforts to make a difference for people all over the world.

“At Central England Co-operative, we pride ourselves on our reputation as an ethical business and focus on corporate responsibility. This donation is a great example of us giving back and supporting others in need.”

UK National Police Aid Convoys is a volunteer run charity that has been running for 24 years and is based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Its membership is drawn from all walks of life and it uses its influence to deliver donated items to areas of the world where need is identified through poverty, war or natural disaster.

David Scott, Trustee Chairman of UK National Police Aid Convoy, said: “We are extremely grateful for this magnificent donation.These vehicles will be filled and dispatched in the next few weeks to communities where they can do the most good. Towns and cities in Syria have seen all their vehicles confiscated or destroyed. This is a small but significant step to rebuilding. The cold storage on the lorries will be particularly useful.

“The hospital beds and equipment loaded into the vehicles from the Society’s Funeralcare business is made up of donations from the closing Brandon Unit in Leicester, redundant stock from Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield, and mattresses and equipment from hospitals in Derby and Chesterfield along with clothing and shoes.”

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