Construction and infrastructure group Robertson joins growing responsible business movement in Scotland

Construction and infrastructure group Robertson has become the latest member of Business in the Community.

Operating across the UK, the group has a strong track-record of investing in communities, be it by working with local SMEs, education partners, community stakeholders and supporting local charities, but says BITC membership provides greater focus for its efforts.

Founder and executive chairman of Robertson, Bill Robertson CBE, said:

"We believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help improve the communities we work in and it is a source of great pride to see the fruits of that throughout the country.

"Being a responsible business, working with people and helping transform communities is at the heart of everything we do as a company – it’s a value we have held from day one and remain as passionate about that today as we did then.

"By joining BITC, we not only reaffirm our determination to continue these efforts, but we hope to set an example for others to follow by showing that responsible business practices and community investment isn’t a burden but in fact an important part of any successful business."

Jane Wood, Managing Director of BITC Scotland and Director of External Affairs for Business in the Community UK, said:

"We are delighted to welcome Robertson as the newest members of our growing responsible business movement.

"We are looking forward to combining our 30 years’ of experience in mobilising responsible business with Robertson’s clear enthusiasm for supporting its local communities through education, enterprise, employment and environmental activities which improve the potential and opportunities for all."

The news follows Business in the Community Scotland’s success in creating a partnership between Robertson Group and member organisation Aberdeen City Council, to repair and reinstall the iconic Seaton Totem Pole in Aberdeenshire without cost to the public purse and serving as a great example of business working for the benefit of the local community.