Demonstrating resilience measures: BRE to showcase new resilient home

A new project at the Building Research Establishment will help demonstrate how clever design coupled with building, material and product innovation can help homeowners limit damage and recover quickly from flooding.

A housing unit within the BRE Victorian Terrace demonstration project has recently been refurbished with a range of flood resistant and resilient materials and techniques to help make your home or business premises better equipped to cope with flooding. The project, which is funded by the BRE Trust and insurance organisation AXA and other partners follows recent flooding and lessons learned on better flood resilience measures in the UK.

According to the BRE, there are an estimated 5.2 million homes considered at risk from surface, river and coastal flooding. Preventative measures play a key role but given the scale of our vulnerability, we need to think more practically about flooding and start to adapt to ‘living with water’ says Stephen Garvin, Director of the BRE Centre for Resilience. So fitting a house with resilient technologies and testing its ability to bounce back from water ingress is the first step on this journey.’

This new proposed project complements other flood resilient projects at the BRE.  It raises awareness amongst contractors and householders of the most effective ways to repair and refurbish a house that has been flooded which may be at risk of being flooded again. It shows that by adopting resistant and resilient materials and techniques a home can recover quickly and with limited damage helping residents get back on their feet quickly and easily.

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