Don't let your Crimbo dinner cause a blocked drain this year.

Every year, pipes are blocked and sewers clogged with oils, grease and fats, costing money and causing havoc. But simply collecting the grease in a container and putting it in the bin can avoid this.

Dwaine Pipe - Northumbrian Water's anti-sewer abuse mascotWater companies across the UK are bracing themselves for blockages caused by thoughtlessly discarded fat from Christmas dinners, put down sinks rather than binned.  Northumbrian Water is using the character Dwaine Pipe (right - click for larger version) to warn that one turkey can produce enough fat to fill the Christmas pudding bowl. If that reaches a sewer, it will lead to "fatbergs" like the one shown above.

Thames Water has also produced a seasonal warning with a sewer-oriented version of Jingle Bells from the Sewer Singers, and has been working with charity Groundwork to give out free fat traps and top tips at community awareness events.  Combating "sewer abuse" - including disposal of wet wipes and other unflushables down toilets - is an all-year-round task for the utility, which has reached over 200,000 households during 2016 with two key messages:

  • Never put fats, oils and greases down the sink

  • Only flush the three Ps - pee, poo and paper.

It's also given away over 40,000 fat traps through its award-winning Smarter Homes visit, all helping to cut down the approximately 1,000 homes and 5,000 gardens in its region that flood with sewage each year.

Watch Jingle Bells, Sewer Smells, by the Sewer Singers

So this Christmas, don't cause a big stink in your pipes - put the fat, oil and grease from the Christmas roast into a container, let it cool, and bung it in the bin!

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