Green Travel initiatives support Hertfordshire Health Champions to help improve staff wellbeing

Workplace Health Champions from over 30 employers came together at a recent Workplace Health Champions’ Network event held on 5 October to hear about up and coming campaigns and the resources available to support their in-house events.
Delegates had the opportunity to hear from Adan Freeman, Hertfordshire Sports Partnership about the importance of Physical wellbeing and the impact it can have on a staff productivity.
By working to support the wellbeing of employees, business can increase productivity, improve staff morale and reduce staff turnover. A healthy workforce can lead to better job satisfaction, and increase in happiness, improved self-esteem and help to reduce stress levels. All this can have a valuable impact on a business. The Hertfordshire Sports Partnership are able to offer employers mini-MOTs/health checks for their staff which can identify early health risks and provide signposting to preventative guidance and support.
Debbie Longhurst, Head of Business Engagement and the Lead for the Wellbeing Programme in Hertfordshire gave an overview and update on the latest BITC Health Calendar and the wider BITC campaigns for the Workplace Health Champions.
Sara Mudhar, BITC wellbeing trainer updated delegates on the Dementia Friends initiative, to better understand the impact of dementia and how to support someone affected by dementia in their community.
A presentation by Stephen Lloyd-Jones from Herts County Council, Sustainable Travel Coordinator updated delegates on the latest Green travel initiatives, including the latest on cycle ways, sustainable commuting and the business travel options available to employees.
Sara Mudhar, added to the event by providing the Workplace Health Champions with details of the latest health initiatives and new developments that can help support employee wellness within the workplace. Delegates were given the opportunity to discuss their own wellbeing activities and share best practice. This gave the attendees an opportunity to gain new ideas to take back to their own workplaces.
All documents and presentations from the session can be downloaded below.