Inspire young entrepreneurs during InspiresMe Week 2016

Want to change the life of a young person in a week? InspiresMe Week 2016 has now launched and we're calling on businesses to reach out and help young people gain experience and confidence in the professional world.

The scheme helps young people gain valuable insight into the inner workings of startups and small businesses so they can learn about entrepreneurial skills over the course of a week. Last year, over 70 students took part in the scheme through a diverse mix of placements. From filming podcasts at press relations agencies, to designing jewellery with expert artisans a variety of experiences were offered by companies.

The best experience I’ve gained was taking part in day-to-day meetings and working as part of a team

- Melda Akis,
Student at Aylward Academy, North London

In 2015 Melda Akis from Aylward Academy, North London, spent a couple of days working with Elin Haf Davis, a freelance consultant, who advises on paediatric research and clinical trials.

Eye-opening experience for young people

Enterprise and employability is a key pillar of BITC’s education programme - Business Class. With a network of 60 school-business partnerships across London, InspiresMe Week enables students at these schools to gain a meaningful learning experience about the world of work.

Desiree Hooper is responsible for employability, community and training at Aylward Academy in Enfield and has been involved in InspiresMe Week since it launched three years ago.

Commenting on the scheme Desiree said, “It's been fantastic. One of the students, Hector, was saying that he’s amazed by the fact that people who are young have built up a business. Being in the workplace with young entrepreneurs really has opened his eyes. We're grateful for anything employers can offer. Qualifications and academic results are important but those other skills are vital. These are life skills they'll use forever.”

InspireMe to build on previous successes

InspiresMe Week 2016 takes place from the 15 – 18 February 2016 and we are currently looking for SME’s to offer placements. Enterprises can support young people by hosting one or more students for a four-day work experience placement.

Agathe Suzanne, Senior Employee Volunteering Manager at Business in the Community added: "InspiresMe Week provides a great opportunity for employers to inspire young people about the world of work. We are calling on BITC members with a presence in London to work with us in engaging SME’s through their supply chain. We are looking to offer a diverse mix of placements for students and build on the success of previous years."

For more information on how your organisation can get involved in InspiresMe Week please contact Antonia Williams at