New guidelines help businesses engage with underserved primary education

Prudential UK, Business in the Community and the CBI have collaborated to produce new guidelines for businesses to help increase their involvement with the primary education sector.

Many responsible businesses have established partnerships with schools through programmes such as Business Class, enabling young people to have the opportunity to engage with local employers. However as the recent CBI and Pearson Education & Skills Survey shows only 35% of business respondents are engaged with primary schools.  It's a great start, but much more can be done.

As BITC National Champion for Primary Engagement, Prudential UK is committed to helping young people gain the essential life skills needed to succeed and we recognise that the earlier in life we do this the better. We are delighted to have led the publication of this timely report in collaboration with BITC and the CBI. 

- Eleanor Turner,
Head of Corporate Responsibility, Prudential UK & Europe
Prudential's new report, Principles & Practices for Primary Engagement, produced in collaboration with BITC and the CBI, highlights how businesses of all sizes working closely with schools can make a significant difference to pupil attainment levels, while having a positive impact on both the schools and teachers. There are also valuable benefits to businesses including employee development and engagement opportunities, the building of stronger links with the local community and helping to meet future employment demands. 

Drawing on research undertaken with teachers and schools and in consultation with businesses, the report is structured around five principles which set out a range of approaches businesses can take to build partnerships with primary schools.

Download a copy of the report, Principles & Practices for Primary Engagement.